Dope Queens, Two of Them


If you haven't already met them, allow me to introduce Phoebe and Jessica. 

Though we haven't met, yet, they're two of my closest friends.

Their podcast made the workday fly by. 

Their witty banter and playful tones made for insightful conversations and stomach-grabbing laughs. For about an hour, I listened to what felt like my best friends talk about politics, men, masturbating, and weaves, among other things. 

So, when I passed a billboard announcing their four-part HBO series, I was ecstatic! There is a difference between hearing someone laugh and watching their smile appear on their face. It's magical! 

(Sidenote: their guest comics are hilarious!)  

Listening to them melted my heart. Made me appreciate their #BlackGirlMagic and how painstakingly great women are. Watching them Sunday nights on HBO, the new mecca for Black women creators...well, it made me fall in love with them all over again. 

#KindredApproved Must See TV