Black History, Through a Panther

I was not raised on comics. To my husband's dismay, I can't tell you the difference between Marvel characters and those from the DC universe. But, I know movies. Good ones, bad ones, great ones, and those which should have died on concept.

February, in particular, brings a sense of remembrance and reflection. This year, there's a new level of excitement with Black Panther premiering tonight! 

We are often shown images and movies of our enslavement - including our brutal torture, rape, and dismemberment - but, rarely are we shown images of our roots in royalty. Black Panther breaks that mold with a majority Black cast (fine and beautiful) who are not shown in bondage, but rather thriving in unity and royal freedom. 

We needed this movie, not just for us but for the country. Hell, the world. Especially now. We need something that not only unites us, but inspires us to be better. Together. As a community. 

That uniting cinema that can transcend into our reality and serve as a catalyst for change.

This is it. 

Don't sleep on it.