ManUp: Web Series

Man Up: a colloquial term that instructs someone (usually a Black male) to take responsibility, and/or eliminate stereotypical "soft" emotions; to be strong. 


I grew up watching my grandfather and uncle converse about sports, family, racism, and finances. Today, sometimes when I close my eyes, I can still see them sitting in our living room on warm Saturday mornings holding court about everything! 

As I contemplated it, I realized that there are some young men and women who've never experienced this. They've never seen two Black men have an intimate conversation, aside from those on popular TV shows. So, my thought was to bring these natural conversations to a broader audience. Not to expose them, but to show their humanity and increase outside knowledge of the depth that surrounds Black men. 

In the coming months, ManUp will debut, showing these Black men interviewing each other about family, females, and manhood. Their stories are unique and similar, heartbreaking and warming, new and familiar. I will also include separate posts about each interview to give background information about each man and what I felt were key takeaways. 

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