With Age Comes Wisdom

The past few weeks have been particularly trying. 

While my professional life began to take off, one thing after another seemed to occur on a personal and private level in my life. I've been in a reflective state and have come to two realizations for 2018 that, I think, will help you also: 

With Age, Comes Wisdom

Some things that occur in our lives are tests of character, strength, or patience. These are moments of actual or emotional chaos that can reveal several insights into your nature. I am learning to remain calm in these moments. When I was younger, I would immediately become flustered and frustrated which made any attempt at resolution delayed and often combative. Now that I am older, I see that every action does not deserve a response, nor does every conversation. 

Unemotional and Unintelligent

One of my sisters - I call my friends sisters - sent me a passage she saw on Instagram that blew my mind: 

I'm learning how to respond intelligently and unemotionally to unintelligent emotional treatment. It's tough. 

I agree wholeheartedly that this process of retraining one's mind to make a sound and logical response to an illogical and very emotional aside/action is challenging, but a necessary task in order for survival. Peace of mind and heart, if you will. The best way I've learned to hinder your emotional response is to inhale deeply and gather your thoughts before opening your mouth. Feel free to repeat this several times if needed. 

As the year progresses, I'll give more tid bits that have proved successful for me in hopes that they will be of aid to you also.