I Rock, I Got This

I rock.

I got this. 

I am enough. 

Before you head out, stand in front of the mirror and repeat these statements five times. For the confidence you're about to experience, you're welcome. 

"Head up, Shoulders Back, Smile...Let's work!"

A few days ago, I attended the first "Walk This Way Movement - Ladies Night Out" event in Los Angeles. Founder Shakila Grigler greeted her guests as we filed into Evolution Dance Studios. The air was filled with sisterhood, opportunities and positive energy. The flyer stated that we should wear workout attire and a pair of heels. Since Nikes and sneakers are a part of my daily wear, I was somewhat hesitant about breaking out the mandated three-inch heels but pushed through anyway. 


I Rock.

              I rock. 

                            I rock. 

Immediately, Shakila relieved the anxiety I felt. As the class progressed, she guided us through a personal evaluation and group confidence training session. We recited mantras - especially the one listed above - created and shared our goals for the coming year, and learned a short dance routine. We ended the night with a mini cat walk, expressing our main goal for the next year with confidence and resolve. 


I Got This

Conquer Your Fears, Live in Your Destiny

What started out as a run-of-the-mill night out in LA turned into a transformative, even spiritual, experience. We took an introspective look at our successes, especially those that came from experiencing obstacles. This personal and reflective exercise was the highlight of the event, bringing us all together through shared experiences and bridging the gap that will allow our dreams to become realities. It was one of the most powerful nights I've had this year! 


Post Up


So, the next time you and your friends are trying to decide your next Girl's Night Out event, check out and tell Shakila we sent you! 


Shakila G.