#KindredApproved Must See TV

It’s what we’re watching!

NETFLIX delivers two powerhouse dramas in Godless and She’s Gotta Have It.

Centuries apart and literally cast as polar opposites, both shows convey the essence of independence, vulnerability, and the protagonist’s deep-seated will to survive. Godless follows the strong-willed women of LaBelle two years after the town’s men were killed in a horrific mining accident. Each episode unveils a new layer to the Town’s women and the tension continues to mount when news of a wayward male outlaw hiding among the women begins to spread.  Themes of family, betrayal, sacrifice and new beginnings make Godless a must see!

Similarly, She’s Gotta Have It instantly intrigues as the stereotype of Black women craving monogamy is turned on its ear. Three men of varying disciplines vie, at times like ill-tempered children, for attention from the protagonist. Her determination to keep them at bay provides for comedic, yet profound introspection. Each episode conveys an internal and external force that the protagonist experiences attempting to maintain a steadfast grip on her proposed identity while simultaneously struggling to define said identity. The rich dialogue, enigmatic format, dazzling colors, and amazing music selections make She’s Gotta Have It a must see!


*Characters’ names were intentionally excluded. Go watch!

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